My name is Kerrin Revell but you probably guessed that from the name of the website! Anyway here is a little bit more about me, which I am sure you will find fascinating.

Among other things I am a film maker, author, poet, comedian, actor, improviser, writer and photographer. (Not always in that order)

My aim in life is to make people laugh, create art and make a difference.

I have a wonderful wife (who has her own website here) and two wonderful daughters.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web.


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Stop it!

Stop it! Just stop it! The degradation of fathers has gone on long enough. Sadly companies have now jumped on the band wagon. Today Spark has decided to attack fathers and families in their latest advert by promoting the idea of celebrating mothers on Father’s day. It shows a little boy giving his mother a … Continue reading Stop it!

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