A Musical Weekend

Hi, I’m Kerrin Revell, welcome to my journey of thought, which today is about music.

This weekend had a real musical flavour to it and the best part was that I didn’t have to travel very far to enjoy it.

On Saturday my wife, daughter and I went into the Art Stop Café in Helensville to have some lunch and stumbled into Luke Hurley who was singing and playing guitar there.

I hadn’t heard of Luke before and now that I have listened to his music, I’m genuinely surprised that I hadn’t!

What a talent. He is a master of the guitar. It’s not often you can find an artist or band where you like every song, but Luke is one of them. I especially enjoyed the one where he played slide guitar… sadly I don’t remember the name of it. (I am partial to some slide guitar anyways)

My daughter Elektra danced and sang (well, made loud noises anyway) along with his music, which Luke seemed to enjoy.

We were privileged to have Luke join us for a drink at our table when he took a break. He let Elektra play with his guitar. She proceeded to whack it and pluck its strings with enthusiasm.

We discussed life a little and then it was time for Luke to play some more of his wonderful music.

He will be back at the Art Stop Café in Helensville this weekend from 11:30am till about 3pm. We will be back for more. There is no cover charge and we can recommend the burgers.

Sunday brought what is possibly the strangest (but still good) musical gig I’ve ever been to. I would say it is even stranger than the gig with bean bags, cupcakes and fairy lights!

At first it doesn’t sound too odd; a band playing in a church. What made it weird was the fact that church was tiny… very tiny. It was almost full and there were about twenty people there. Which brings me to the second reason why it was so strange… half the audience was elderly! They seemed to enjoy it and why shouldn’t they? It was good music and that will please anyone of any age.

The third reason why it was so strange was that afterwards we were treated to tea and home-made goodies (pikelets and cookies etc.).

The band was Tweed, who we are making a music video for.

The gig was tinged with sadness as it was Ross’ (the bass player) last outing with the band.

Elektra once again danced to every song and probably almost stole the show by doing so.

As we were leaving I couldn’t help myself and I hung out the window and shouted to Tweed “ROCK N ROLL!” I wonder what the grannies thought?

All in all it was a good weekend filled with great music, just how life should be.

(Note: the photos were taken on my phone)

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Luke Hurley
Luke Hurley
Baby rocking out on guitar
Baby rocking out on guitar




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