Hi, I’m Kerrin Revell, welcome to my journey of thought, which today is about improv comedy.

On Saturday night at Theatreworks in Birkenhead, the Fig Mints and the Improv Mob (from Whangarei) took to the stage for an improv show. The small venue was a great place for such a show and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it. I am happy and lucky enough to be one of the Fig Mints.

I have only got back into improv this year and it has been a while before that since I was last on stage too, so I am really enjoying it.

I find it a lot of fun performing in front of an audience with absolutely no idea what I am about to do. There have been things come out of my mouth that I am still wondering where they came from. The real joy of course is creating a scene with someone else and you both click and it ends up somewhere both weird and hilarious. When that happens it’s not only great for the performers but for the audience as well.

We have had three performances so far this year; one in Whangarei (see video below) and two in Auckland. I will keep you informed of any new shows coming up.

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