Stop it!

Stop it! Just stop it! The degradation of fathers has gone on long enough. Sadly companies have now jumped on the band wagon.

Today Spark has decided to attack fathers and families in their latest advert by promoting the idea of celebrating mothers on Father’s day. It shows a little boy giving his mother a Father’s Day present. Why is this? Doesn’t the mother already have a special day called Mother’s Day to celebrate her? Why yes she does. So why is this advert needed and what is it trying to say? Are Spark trying to say forget about the father? Should all children who don’t get to see their fathers (including the thousands who are stopped by the mothers) just forget about them?

You might argue that perhaps the father is deceased. Even if that were true, why would the day be about the mother? Surely it would be a good day to remember the father and celebrate him and ensure the boy never forgets his dad?

What does this advert even have to do with broadband and phones?

Spark might try and spin it that they are trying to celebrate families of all different kinds, which sounds commendable doesn’t it? However when rational thought takes over, one realises that they should actually be condemned because it begs the question why we don’t see adverts like this on Mother’s Day? (That too would be wrong of course.) Spark has had the entire year to make such a statement about families of all kinds, yet they have only shown a mother being celebrated and chosen to do it on/around Father’s Day. It is clearly an attack on Fathers and families. I wonder how fathers who work for Spark feel about this anti-father stance their company has taken?

This may be a publicity stunt for Spark and I am falling into their trap. If it is however, it is a pretty sick and offensive stunt.

There is a simple fact that Spark have over-looked… a mother cannot be a father and a father cannot be a mother. Yes, it is that simple.

Why are fathers so under-valued and targeted? We see this not only on TV and movies but in society as well. The Family Court is a prime example of this. I am sure all of our brave soldiers who fought for our freedom against oppressive forces did not do so to see our country turn against fathers and families.

This advert should be pulled and a full apology given and until Spark does this, they should be boycotted. Spark has made it clear that if you are a father, they do not want your business.



Instead of engaging in discussion about the advert, Spark have blocked me from commenting on their Facebook page and deleted all of my comments and posts and ignored me on Twitter, despite answering people who said they liked the ad. Why would they do this if they thought they were in the right and could answer my questions? This move shows me that they know I am right.


After viewing this advert again I have noticed that we see the boy sitting on a school fence waiting to be picked up and his mother turning up and looking at him sympathetically and the boy shrugs his shoulders. The obvious point they are making here is that the dad has failed to pick him up from school. This is clearly and beyond doubt an attack on fathers. Spark should be ashamed of themselves.