Not Everyone Has Human Rights

Politicians in New Zealand have said a few interesting things lately and I would like to address them here.

What has been said is as follows…

Prime Minister Bill English said “It is clearly not the case that some New Zealanders have fewer human rights than others. Everyone has human rights in New Zealand.”

Jacinda Adern has said that she would like abortion to be de-criminalised but gave no mention of men having a say or having any reproductive rights.

Both the Prime Minister and Jacinda Adern have said they wish to end child poverty.

Neither the Prime Minister Bill English or opposition leader Jacinda Adern appear to be aware of the actual problems and inequality within New Zealand and they might like to take notice of the following.

When a woman is pregnant a man has no rights at all, despite the child being 50% his.

A woman can have an abortion and a man gets no say in the matter. Men have no reproductive rights.

No-one in a position of power will enforce guardianship, only custodial parents are awarded those rights. It even states on the New Zealand Justice website that “All mothers and most fathers are automatically guardians of their child at birth.”

Also no-one will uphold any Family Court orders either.

In New Zealand justice is not for all. To have access to justice you have to be either very rich or be dirt poor. Shouldn’t justice be for everyone?

The Human Rights Commission will not listen to anything to do with the Family Court. Perhaps they need to be told that everyone in New Zealand has human rights?

The media is not allowed and won’t to comment on the Family Court and its proceedings. Therefore anyone who is having their human rights trampled on cannot get their story out there.

We have a child support system which encourages parental alienation and drives many to or near bankruptcy. This causes poverty for children on both sides.

Men can and do fall victim to paternity fraud which is something that cannot happen to women. There is nothing to stop this happening. You cannot legally enforce a DNA test. The Care of Children Act says that children have the right to know their parents, but this doesn’t actually seem to be taken into consideration.

Male victims of domestic violence have no-where to go. There is also a Male Assaults Female charge but not the other way around. Why do women get a special law?

And of course, let’s not forget the Ministry for Women and the glaringly absent Ministry for Men!

In conclusion this all shows that not everyone in New Zealand (including amongst children) have the same rights. When is this going to be addressed by our media and our politicians? You want to see everyone in New Zealand have equal rights, create real change and end poverty? Then New Zealand needs to have courts that actually work, people/agencies that can and will act when people are breaching court orders or breaking the law. The laws need to be reworked so everyone has the same rights and access to justice, no matter how much money is in their wallets or what gender they are. If everything listed above is addressed then it will be a huge step in the right direction. Not to mention will help to win those all-important votes.

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