Boy Walking

Hi, I’m Kerrin Revell, welcome to my journey of thought, which today is about a boy walking.

Driving to the movie last night with my wife, we were stopped at the lights and I happened to look out my window and did a double take. Standing in the park was what appeared to be a giant toy. It was a sculpture of a boy walking (which I have just found out is its name too). We parked the car and headed straight into Potters Park for a better look and to take some photos. The movie could wait.

The sculpture is huge, the photos don’t do it justice. It must be about two stories high, at least. He towers over everything in the park (except some trees) and some nearby buildings too, so you can’t help but see him.

He has a happy look on his face, wears summer clothing and appears to know where he’s going, even if we don’t know. Your imagination can take over at this point and decide where he is going, has he seen his friends? Has he scored a goal? Does it really matter?

The artist is Ronnie van Hout, who was born in New Zealand and lives in Australia. He has also made a sculpture of a fallen robot in Dunedin. Naturally, we want to see that now too.

It’s such a fun piece of art and refreshing too. Most sculptures these days appear to be nothing more than a few pieces of metal welded together. It really is the best and most fun thing Auckland has had for a long time. He certainly made my wife and I smile. I hope he is there forever.

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