The Start

Hi, I’m Kerrin Revell, welcome to my journey of thought, which today is about Arts in the Ville.

With my exhibition just around the corner I have been reflecting on how I got here.

Almost exactly a year ago I decided to start an Instagram account, the only problem was that I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I do many things and so I thought I would use it as a way to get all of my projects some exposure. Pretty soon however, I realised that my photography was beginning to have a certain style and those posts were getting a lot more attention than any of my other ones.

Noticing the above, I decided to follow the pattern and go with where the views were and have kept it almost exclusively about my photography.

This gave me the confidence to and drive to explore my photography more and expand on the style of images I was getting. I am still trying to make each image better than the last.

Of course, I have taken photos in the past, studied photography at high school (where I was taking some abstract photos, to the chagrin of my teacher) and worked as a photographer and cameraman well. None of those have really led to the style I have currently adopted however.

When I saw the Arts in the Ville festival was coming up, I took some time to decide whether I wanted to exhibit or not but what convinced me in the end was that art is to be experienced, not simply created.

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