Choosing Images

Hi, I’m Kerrin Revell, welcome to my journey of thought, which today is about Arts in the Ville.

One of the more difficult tasks in organising my upcoming exhibition has been choosing which images I want to present. I decided on a few different criteria to assist me in my decision making process.
The first criteria, in all probability also the most obvious, was that they had to be of the highest quality, the best of the best. My first thought about that was that it would be easy, as I just had to choose my favourites. The problem with that, was everyday I had different favourites. In the end I just had to make a call and say “these are the ones”. I then took a week or more to ensure I was definitely happy with them all, without making changes. When the answer was yes, I knew I had the right images.

The second criteria was to make sure that there was a good variety in the images. I didn’t want all of the images to look the same or to appear to be another version of the previous photograph.

The final criteria (which may seem to be slightly in contradiction of the second criteria) was to ensure that all of the images felt liked they belonged together. I wanted them all to appear as one distinct style and I am happy to have achieved that.

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