Naming the Images

Hi, I’m Kerrin Revell, welcome to my journey of thought, which today is about Arts in the Ville.

How do you name an image that isn’t really of anything? If there is no subject matter, just light, colour and random shapes? With difficulty is the answer. End of blog… ok, ok, I will write some more!

With the above problems being quite clear to me, I realised that I needed to just name them based on what I could see or from the feeling I got from looking at them. People who view the photos, will inevitably decide what they see or what the images mean to them anyway. So all I could do was be true to myself and name them for myself.

However that was still a bit easier said, than done. Each time I viewed them, I saw something different. Maybe a face here or a tree there. My final method was the first thought to enter my mind was to be the name of the image or the basis of the name. This has resulted in some pretty trippy names, but that suits my photographs.

I hope to catch you all at Arts in the Ville this weekend.

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