All Done

Hi, I’m Kerrin Revell, welcome to my journey of thought, which today is about Arts in the Ville.

I can’t believe the exhibition has been and gone already. What a whirlwind! The three days have now turned into one big blur but I learned quite a lot from the experience.

One lesson I learned was early on the first day. Lots of people asked if my images were paintings and they all seemed shocked when I explained that they were in fact, photos. So after that I had some signs made saying “abstract photography”.

Another lesson was that I couldn’t pick who my target market was. Children were drawn to the photos just as much as the elderly and everyone else in between were. Of course there were quite a few who genuinely seemed a bit scared of them too!

The public were a lot more interested in my process than I had imagined. I assumed I would get the odd one or two questions about it, but there were so many, every day. A couple of conversations lasted half an hour!

Apart from remarks about my photos, one of the most common things I heard from the public was “you must be on drugs to create images like that”. It’s funny (because I’m not) and it is a nice compliment too. It means that my art is so far outside of most people’s sense of normality, that they believe I have be on something in order to achieve such images.

I am looking forward to having another exhibition now and in saying that… stay tuned!

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