Hi, I’m Kerrin Revell, welcome to my journey of thought, which today is about ‘Cosmos’.

One of the great advantages of living in this era, is the ability and ease in which we can collaborate with people all around the world. The old saying of “it’s a small world after all” has never been so apt as it is now and makes me wonder what will happen in the future for it to seem even smaller again.

I bring this up because a very talented musician who lives in the UK, Jessica Faroe, commissioned me to create the visuals for her latest music video “cosmos”, which was released today. This would not have been easy to achieve in years gone by.

For starters, Jessica wouldn’t have been able to find me or my art. She found me on Instagram when she was searching for trippy videos… she certainly found the right person! Add to that communicating easily, sending files and then promoting it to the entire world. (Yes, I am still amazed we can do these things now.)

Enough with my awe of technology, here is the video. (Please ensure you check out Jessica’s other awesome music and subscribe.)

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