Hi, I’m Kerrin Revell, welcome to my journey of thought, which today is about an electric guitar performance.

With barely two terms of lessons under her belt, Elektra (my daughter) decided to perform for her entire school, playing a cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Brutal’ on her electric guitar. She asked her principal if she could and the principal said yes. Not bad for an eight year old.

Elektra rehearsed so hard for this performance. She was up early every morning, practicing the chord changes as she watched cartoons and playing the song each night too.

The day before the performance, she had a sound check in the school hall. Her roadies (my wife and myself) brought her gear in and helped her set it up. A couple of teachers also joined the crew and found the one and only mic stand the school has, which hadn’t been used in about ten years.

A number of Elektra’s friends were allowed to watch the sound check and she had them dancing around the hall to her music and were asking hundreds of questions about her guitar and what she was going to wear etc. It was like a preview into the future for her with her fans.

Finally the day was here. Elektra was allowed out of class early and we did some final checks before she changed into her outfit (which she had picked put a couple of weeks beforehand) and had her hair and makeup done.

Just before all the kids were let into the hall, I looked up at Elektra (who was on the stage) and asked if she was ok. She looked down at me and said “don’t worry, Dad… I got this!”

When she was called onto stage, she strutted out with the confidence of a seasoned pro and owned the stage for the entire song.

Some of the kids were stunned, some were rocking out and the rest were simply smiling and enjoying the performance. They applauded very loudly when the song was over and Elektra quickly left the stage. Once she was backstage she had the biggest grin on her face. She nailed it and she knew it.

There were a couple of teachers who weren’t overly happy with her choice of song, but as Elektra says “that’s rock n roll, baby!” A couple of teachers also said it was a bit loud. Not sure why they were telling me that… wink wink!

It was an electrifying performance and has been a real confidence builder for Elektra. She is already planning another performance, and music video for her own composition. Follow her on Instagram, here.

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