Game On… Pause

Hi, I’m Kerrin Revell, welcome to my journey of thought, which today is about a school play called ‘Game On’.

I was filled with great excitement for the ‘Game On’ auditions to be held on Wednesday. I had a big list of names of the kids who wanted to audition and who they were auditioning for. The date and time were set. What the kids would do in the auditions was all prepared. There was literally nothing else to do except show up and start the audition process.

The universe, however, had different plans and decided to throw us all back into lockdown which has caused the play to be on pause.

It is very frustrating, possibly more for the kids who were very excited about the auditions. I could barely move each time I was there for kids talking to me about the play and asking questions. Hopefully we can have the auditions soon and get the play back on track, but for now it is game on… pause.

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