“Just who is Kerrin Revell?” I hear you ask. Well… from the information I have gathered so far, is that he, is me.

My life and work can go from the serious to the absurd in an instant and they often do.

I have a lot of interests that I have been lucky enough to turn into a career. I am (not necessarily in this order) an actor, comedian, improviser, filmmaker, writer and author, poet, photographer, adventurer and all-round good guy *citation needed.

One of my proudest achievements is when my wife and I circumnavigated New Zealand on horseback. It took us an entire year to complete the journey and we were the first to ever do it. There were broken bones, changes of horses, near drownings and so much more. Every day saw a new challenge. We wrote a book and produced a documentary about it, both are called Down, Across & Up.

I also have a number of other interests, except these ones don’t make me money, they drain my bank account. I collect vinyl records, badges and wrestling figures. I also collect anything to do with The Doors (my favourite band).

What does the future hold for me? Stay tuned.