Not Everyone Has Human Rights

Politicians in New Zealand have said a few interesting things lately and I would like to address them here. What has been said is as follows… Prime Minister Bill English said "It is clearly not the case that some New Zealanders have fewer human rights than others. Everyone has human rights in New Zealand.” Jacinda … Continue reading Not Everyone Has Human Rights


Stop it!

Stop it! Just stop it! The degradation of fathers has gone on long enough. Sadly companies have now jumped on the band wagon. Today Spark has decided to attack fathers and families in their latest advert by promoting the idea of celebrating mothers on Father’s day. It shows a little boy giving his mother a … Continue reading Stop it!

Happy Birthday

My beautiful, eldest daughter turns fifteen today and once again I will not be able to wish her a happy birthday, give her presents and a cuddle and share in her day of celebration and neither will her step-mother, sister and grandparents. This will be yet again another year where I will be forced to … Continue reading Happy Birthday

A Second Class Citizen

As the father of a child that I am denied access to by the mother, there should be something I can do for my child. The reality is that when I do try and do anything I am treated as a second class citizen here in New Zealand. There are quite a few ways in … Continue reading A Second Class Citizen

London Fog

The London Fog

Anyone who has more than a passing interest in The Doors, “band from Venice” as the sign above the seedy Sunset Strip club once read, will know the importance of the London Fog to the Doors story. It is here we are told that they honed their skills and Jim Morrison gained his confidence to … Continue reading The London Fog

Lights… Camera… er… um… Line please?

When I was just a little Kerrin Revell I dreamt of having my own sketch comedy show and today that dream got a little bit closer. It’s still respecting my personal boundaries though. We started filming one of the few sketches planned for this year, which will serve as an appetiser for the show, which … Continue reading Lights… Camera… er… um… Line please?

An open letter about the New Zealand Family Court and Law

16 January 2015 To whom it may concern (and this should concern everyone), Throughout my dealings with the New Zealand Family Court and everyone who is involved in it, I keep hearing the term "in the best interests of the children" but have yet to see any evidence of this. I understand that no law … Continue reading An open letter about the New Zealand Family Court and Law

Vinyl, Vinyl Everywhere!

On the weekend I attended my first record fair and thoroughly enjoyed it. I went armed with my list of albums that I wanted but I knew that I would just grab whatever took my fancy. My wife and friends joined me and we all came away with some really good vinyl albums. Great tunes … Continue reading Vinyl, Vinyl Everywhere!