Down, Across & Up

Random House

Genevieve had always dreamed of riding her horse all around New Zealand. When she met Kerrin and he was keen to join her, everything fell into place. It seemed simple – except that Kerrin had never ridden a horse before…and then there were the obstacles:- quicksand, lack of tracks, cattle stops, difficult terrain, lame horses, swollen rivers, injuries, crazy drivers, rampant wildlife and stubborn horses. Down, Across & Up is the heartwarming adventure story of a young couple who showed true grit and a great can-do Kiwi attitude. On their fundraising ride for CanTeen, which raised over $33,000, Genevieve and Kerrin covered over 5,000 kilometers of coastline, made a documentary and wrote a book. A fine adventure indeed.




The Sillyverse

Austin Macauley Publishers

There is something very strange brewing. It may have something to do with goats… or it may not! Whatever it is… it is coming soon… very soon (well some time next year). And there is a rumour that it’s a book full of nonsense poetry for kids!